Xinhua company was established in 1989, has many years of injection molding technology and experience, continue to learn new technology, investment in more sophisticated precision equipment, hard work in management, quality, technology, the pursuit of breakthrough development, down to the integrity of customers, fast ,Perfect Service! The company has its own plant, with a complete organization and coordination of the operating system. Experienced team, more efficient staff of more than 200 people, now has Japan Toyo "TOYO" injection molding machine 43 from 15ton to 850ton, mold development equipment CNC, high-speed powder shiny discharge processing machine all kinds of processing equipment. To undertake the customer's reverse Engineering, to meet the needs of OEM, ODM.

Xiamen Xinhua Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a company invested and developed by Taiwan Zhanxun Enterprise Co., Ltd. in mainland China. The products developed and manufactured by the company are: computer peripheral products, auto parts, household equipment, outdoor sports equipment, communication equipment , Food containers, instruments, medical accessories, computerized touch products. All-round to meet customer needs.

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